Bucket List Destinations

Ah, Fiji, Tahiti, Martinique, the Greek Isles. What destinations are on your bucket list?

Cruises are often the best way to see those amazing places on your bucket list. If sea, sun, and sand are your thing, consider cruises to the French Caribbean, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. If old world charm and culture are what dominates your wish list, taking a European river cruise will help you explore cities as diverse, beautiful, and enticing as Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, and Porto. Want amazing natural scenery and vistas? Take a cruise to Alaska: go at the right time and add a land package to have a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights!

Visit Multiple Bucket List Destinations In 1 Trip!

Cruises offer a great way to see more than 1 destination in a single trip. Imagine visiting all the major islands of Hawaii (or Fiji or Tahiti). Or visiting Amsterdam, Cologne, and Budapest on one river cruise. And in either case, only unpacking and repacking once.

Only a century ago, it was unthinkable for ordinary citizens to explore the world and see destinations like the South Pacific and the grand cities of Europe. But now–from the luxury and comfort of your stateroom balcony–you can take in the diverse beauty of Santorini and the Galapagos, the food of Thailand and Latin America, and the fire and ice of Vesuvius and Iceland. You can even take a cruise to Antarctica.

If you’re a traveler rather than a tourist, you will find some kindred spirits at Sea Escapes. Owners Chuck and Lori are among the most traveled people you might ever meet, having visited nearly 40 countries in the last 3 years alone. And they are passionate about travel. If you like the idea of using cruising for travel–not just vacation–then give us a call and tell us about your bucket list. We’ll do our best to help you get there.