Australia and New Zealand

One of the fastest growing cruise destinations is “down under”, Australia and New Zealand. With more and more flight options, a multi-million dollar tourism campaign by Australia debuting in the 2018 Super Bowl, and plenty of “Lord of the Rings” inspired interest in New Zealand, it’s no surprise that so many new cruise itineraries are based in–or stop at–these two bucket-list destinations.


The only country that is also an entire continent, much of what is so great to see in Australia is on either its Pacific coast or Indian Ocean coast. Which naturally makes it a great cruising destination. Most cruises depart from either Sydney or Brisbane and offer stops in places like Queensland the the Great Barrier Reef, or even to nearby Fiji, Vanuatu, and Tasmania. But perhaps the best attraction of Australia is the warm and hospitable people: you’ll find lots of friends in Australia you never knew you had. We recommend a 1-week to 10-day cruise along with 1 or 2 weeks of land touring.

New Zealand

Where Australia is great for iconic sites like the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, and the Sunshine Coast, New Zealand offers jaw-dropping landscapes and vistas. A couple of hours flying time southeast of Australia, New Zealand is a nifty blend of west meets Polynesia. Take in the natural beauty of mountains-meet-sea at Milford Sound, the fire and ice adventure of White Island (rivaling and reminiscent of Iceland’s volcanic-heated landscape), the majesty of Franz Josef Glacier, and two of the most remote yet cosmopolitan cities: Auckland and Christchurch (both increasingly known as foodie destinations, by the way).

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