Cunard Cruises, The Epitome of British Service

Cunard Cruise Line’s three ships–the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Victoria, and the flagship Queen Mary 2, collectively known as “the 3 queens”–represent an era when grand ocean liners were the only way to travel between North America and Europe. It was the Victorian and Edwardian eras, when the wealthy went on months-long tours and immigrants dreamed of better lives in the New World, and the rich and not-so-rich alike did so aboard the ocean liners of Cunard and the White Star Line. Cunard cruises are a unique experience with the feel of this bygone era.

Cunard Cruises Queen Mary 2Today, cruising is almost entirely for leisure. It’s not surprising then, that Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is the only cruise ship in the world designed as a true ocean liner, with the hull shape and stability intended for regular trips across the open ocean. And that’s just what the Queen Mary 2 does much of the year: traverse the Atlantic Ocean between New York and Southampton, England.

We confess that we’re big fans of Cunard cruises and that the Queen Mary 2 is our absolute favorite ship (we’ve crossed the Atlantic three times now on the QM2). So you can trust our experience when we say these are the reasons you should consider a cruise with Cunard.

Luxury Service, Premium Pricing

Before we first sailed on the Queen Mary 2, the image we had in our minds was of absolute luxury at an absolute luxurious price tag. And while there are certainly splurges to be had, we found our first week-long cruise  (a crossing from Southampton to New York) to be comparable in price to a week-long balcony cruise to the Caribbean (and we had a balcony state room aboard the Queen Mary 2). The reality is that Cunard is a premium cruise line rather than a luxury cruise line (meaning more like Celebrity and Holland America, but not luxury like Crystal or Seabourn). You likely will be surprised at Cunard fares when you take a look.

That, by the way, doesn’t come at the sacrifice of great service. Cunard’s “White Star Service” commitment shows as a much more–shall we say?–British type of service, complete with afternoon tea, lectures, and a planetarium onboard.

A Transatlantic Crossing Is A Great Way To Get To Or From Europe

If you’ve been to Europe as much as we have, flying can be a humdrum means of transport. If you have an extra week, consider taking the Queen Mary 2 either from New York to Southampton or from Southampton home to New York. We’ve used the Queen Mary 2 for transportation home three times now and eagerly look forward to doing so again. No matter which direction you go, you’ll arrive rested, refreshed, pampered, and completely free of jet lag.

Cunard Cruises Queen Mary 2 arriving in New York City under Statue of LibertyCunard cruises run crossings regularly from late May to December. Our favorite time is the holidays when the ship is decorated and festooned, though the seas can be bouncier than during the summer. You’ll have to enjoy being aboard ships as there are no shore excursions (and therefore no expense of shore excursions, it’s worth pointing out), but if you like lectures and simply relaxing, dining, reading, lounging by the pool, indulging in a spa treatment or massage, enjoying that rare cigar in the cigar lounge, then you’ll have plenty to do during your seven days on the Atlantic. Which, by the way, for two passengers usually costs less than 1-way business class airfare for one person.

Cunard Cruises: Simply The Best For Ballroom Dancing

If you are ballroom dancers like us, then Cunard cruises are simply the best on the seas to show off your moves. All three ships feature grand ballrooms and live big bands, gentlemen dancers for single ladies, and dance professionals who teach free group lessons and are available for private lessons as well. You can fox trot, waltz, quickstep, samba, tango, rumba, and jive all the way across the ocean!

World Cruises

It seems all the cruise lines are getting into the world cruise market, but Cunard has always been there. Each January to May the three queens set out on voyages topping out over 100 days, some circumnavigating the globe, some transiting multiple continents, all delivering a once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience. And while Cunard is no longer the only cruise line offering world cruises, they are, well, the only Cunard.

Please let us help you book your cruise with Cunard. You can reach us at (877) 585-SHIP.

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