Wedding, Honeymoon, and Special Events Cruises

There’s a certain romantic notion to being married at sea by the captain of a ship. Or celebrating a major milestone anniversary–your 50th, 25th, or even your 1st–with a renewal of vows. Or just sneaking away for your honeymoon onboard a luxury cruise ship. At Sea Escapes, we love romantic cruises!

A Cruise Wedding Could Be The Experience Of A Lifetime!

Weddings and special events can be expensive affairs. Our own daughter’s wedding topped out around $25k (a bargain for Atlanta, we regularly hear of $50,000 budgets!) But consider the budget of a wedding cruise: splurge with a suite on a premium or luxury line for $12,000, add an “all-in” wedding package for about $3,000, and even with some travel to your departure port the budget is still less than $20,000. And your cruise wedding will truly be the experience of a lifetime for you and your guests!

Of course, for the family and friends you want to invite to your special occasion, we can work out great group rates for your entire party.

Each Cruise Line Has Different Wedding And Event Services And Packages

Did you know that some cruise lines allow you to hold your special event while in port on the day of departure so that some of your guests can come aboard for the ceremony but leave before the ship departs? What a great way for guests who can’t cruise with you to share in your special event!

We know special event cruises for weddings, honeymoons, and anniversary or special events. We also know weddings, with an experienced planner and coordinator on our team. In addition to helping you pick the best cruise line, ship, and itinerary for your special event, we offer services to guarantee that your whole event from start to finish is what it should be: simply a joy.

Let us help plan your wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary cruise! Call us at (877) 585-SHIP.

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