Windstar Cruises: 180 Degrees From Ordinary

Windstar Cruise Line’s tag line is “180 degrees from ordinary”, and Windstar cruises are just that: extraordinary. Selected “World’s Best Small Ship Cruise Line” by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, Windstar prides itself in being everything that the “big names” aren’t. Here’s how we think Windstar best distinguishes themselves:

Not Just Small Ships, Interesting Ships

A Windstar cruises motor/sailing yacht

There are plenty of small-ship cruise lines, but none with a fleet quite like Windstar cruises. Of their six ships, the largest carries only 310 guests (the smallest only 148). Three of their ships are yachts, each 440 feet in length; the other three are modern sailing ships, including the 5-masted Wind Surf and the 4-masted Wind Spirit and Wind Star. Imagine exploring the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands–or crossing the Atlantic–on a sailing yacht. Or exploring the South Pacific on a yacht.

Out Of The Ordinary Bucket List Destinations

Smaller ships have several advantages over larger ones, but perhaps the best advantage is that smaller ships can simply go places that larger ships can’t. Windstar offers guest bucket-list destinations and itineraries that are skipped by the megaships, including tiny tropical islands in the Caribbean, pristine coves and bays in Tahiti, and out-of-the way inlets in Alaska.

Windstar Cruises: Premium Cruising, But Not Luxury Fares

Windstar prides itself on luxury experiences and has earned one of the highest repeat client rates in the industry (which says a lot), but a quick comparison to established luxury cruise lines and you’ll find that Windstar’s fares aren’t “luxurious” at all. Couple this with the frequent airfare-inclusive package or offer and Windstar offers a cost-effective luxury cruise experience.

A Cruise Line For Foodies

Windstar is the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundations. Foodies will know what that means, but the James Beard Foundation’s mission is to promote chefs, food writers, and restaurateurs who advance America’s culinary arts. Uniquely aboard Windstar’s ships you’ll find cooking demonstrations and entire food-themed cruises. Groups will source local foods and spices during market excursions while in port and prepare them with the ship’s chefs that evening. Windstar’s dining is understandably a principle reason cited by those often-returning guests.

A Yacht Experience With Big Ship Amenities

Windstar cruises motor/sail yacht in Tahiti

But don’t think that Windstar’s small ships come at the sacrifice of big ship amenities. Windstar’s ships feature pools and spas, spacious dining rooms, spacious state rooms and suites, and entertainment. But Windstar’s ships also feature something not available on the “big name” cruise lines: an open bridge. Have your morning coffee with the captain, discussing the day’s itinerary or navigation techniques. 180 degrees from ordinary indeed.

For a great review of Windstar’s Wind Surf on USA Today, click here.

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