Group Bookings

All cruise lines offer group rates, but their discounts and the strings attached (aka the “terms”) can vary widely. Group bookings can be complicated and tricky, from the time of booking right up until the day of departure. Whether a group of 20 or a full ship charter, you need an agent working for you and on your behalf, not for the cruise line.

The Unique Needs of Group Cruise Bookings

Keeping track of everyone in your group is just the start. Multiple payments, different travel schedules and arrival times, varying dietary requirements and restrictions, accommodation needs and requests. It all takes a certain detailed-oriented person, and Lori at Sea Escapes is your detailed-oriented cruise agent working solely on your behalf. Lori has managed and led group tours, but she’s done something even more impressive: managed classrooms and entire schools. Managing all the minutest details is her specialty.

Personal Group Cruises

Cruises make for great family reunions. Once on board, all those aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews will find plenty to do, more food and dining varieties than they can imagine, and great facilities to meet and share stories. We can help find the best cruise line, ship, and itinerary, and we can coordinate everyone’s booking and travel arrangements, unique needs, and desires so that your reunion is a great success. We can even help you order commemorative t-shirts for everyone.

Wedding cruises are one of our specialties, as you might already know, but we can also handle cruises for class parties, class reunions, and graduation cruises.

Business Group Cruises

Increasingly, businesses are finding cruises to be a great way of both rewarding employee’s great performance and for having team meetings and management strategy sessions. Cruises are ideal for President’s Club sales incentives, for example. You probably know that all cruise ships have great facilities for meetings, from theaters to private deck areas, but did you know that your company can charter an entire ship? With cruise ship capacities ranging from 200 to 6,000 passengers, there’s a perfect ship for practically any company; but as ideal as full-ship charters might be, they require a great deal of planning, and having an agent who works for you, not the cruise line, is critical.

If we can help with your group cruise booking, please call us at (877) 585-SHIP.