Special Events

If you’re considering a cruise for your special event–whether a wedding, a honeymoon, a special anniversary cruise, a family reunion cruise, or a birthday cruise–we’d love to help. Not only do we have tons of travel and cruise experience, we also have event coordination experience. We can plan and coordinate your cruise event from 2 persons to 200.

Event Planning and Coordination Package

Should you need a little extra help planning and coordinating your event (or just would like someone else to handle it all), we offer custom planning and coordination packages. These services can include anything from planning meetings with you, designing and sending out invitations,┬áconcierge-style travel services to ensure you and your guests arrive on-time where they need to be, airport transfers, limousines, making sure your venues–be they cruise lines, resorts, or even beach bars–have all the information they need, and handling all the complexities and logistics necessary to make your event the perfect occasion it should be.

Planning and coordination packages are based on the services required and the number of guests. Give us a call for a free, no-commitment quote.

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