Why Book With Us?

Gondolas in Venice, by Chuck Ros (c) 2008We know travel.

Unlike many mass-market agents and agents that work in the cruise line’s own call centers, we are well-traveled. Very well-traveled, actually. Since 2014 alone, for example, we’ve visited nearly 40 countries and almost as many states. We’ve circumnavigated the globe. We’ve been quoted in national newspapers. You can trust that the advice we give you is often first-hand and comes from not only our experience, but also our bona-fide passion for travel and experiencing the world.

We know cruising.

Did you know many mass-market cruise agents have never actually been on a cruise? While it’s possible to obtain cruise agent certification without having actually set foot on a cruise ship, that’s not us. We’ve been cruising since 2005, and we take an average of 3 cruises per year. We also attend the cruise industry’s trade show in Fort Lauderdale and inspect cruise ships at every chance we get. So not only do we know travel, we know the cruise industry.

We can find you better deals.

Many agents belong to “host agencies”, they’re sort of like buying cooperatives in the cruise industry. They buy “in bulk” from the cruise lines by committing to book a certain number of staterooms on nearly every cruise. In exchange they get big wholesale discounts on those staterooms. Not only do we participate in such a host agency, we participate in 2 of the largest host agencies, so we have access to the best pricing available on the market. If getting the best fare is important to you, rest assured we can get the best possible fare on your cruise.

We aren’t cruise-line specific.

As you might expect, if you call a cruise line directly, they’re only able to sell you their cruises. But did you also know that many cruise and travel agencies are only authorized to sell you a handful of cruise lines’ cruises? Through our 2 network affiliations, we have access to the best possible pricing on practically every major cruise line around the world. If we think you’re better served by another cruise line, we’ll let you know.

We get agent-only incentives we can pass on to you.

Cruise agents represent a significant way for cruise lines to sell their products and cruise lines are constantly vying for our attention by offering us special incentives that even their own call centers don’t have.

You’ll get better, more personal service from us than anywhere else.Chuck and Lori Ros in Valencia, Spain (c) 20014

We’re not a numbers-driven agency. Our business is based on the goal of getting you to reserve with us now and every time you want to take a cruise vacation. That means we have to give you the best possible service. And we will, not only because we want you to book again with us, but also because we are truly passionate about travel and experiencing the world. You’ll hear from us before and after your cruise, and we’ll give you access to great tools like our unique itinerary management app through which you can communicate with us even up to the day you arrive at your port. We will be your cruise champions, and we want to make you fall in love with cruising just like we have!

But perhaps most importantly:

We work for you, not for the cruise lines!


Give us a call at (877) 585-SHIP to find a perfect sea escape, or simply to talk about your upcoming travel plans!